Some Details

Added a category for Cellar Control, so these will be a little easier to find/organize.

First set of details should be acknowledgment for those who helped me with this project. There were many points along the way that it felt a little too out there for my level of skills. Most of this stuff is Linux centric and those involved have little tolerance for noobies without who lack the ability to formulate questions (that be me!). Anyway, the first to take me under his wing was Peter Woodall, who picked up one of my questions from the Mr. House list and provided me with the core perl script for reading the temps with Digitemp, via Mr. House. At that time I had got as far as getting Mr. House to read the sensors, but it was very sluggish and there are some other features with Digitemp that make it very attractive to work with. Which brings me to the second helpful hand, Brian C. Lane is still very much involved with his projects and responded patiently to my questions on his list. Another respondent from that list was Mark Richards (do a google on that name!), who pointed out the power of JpGraph and gave a bit of guidance on how to set it up.

These are the folks I had direct contact with, but there’s a host of others who placed their info on the web that helped me get along silently but instantly. For those, I carry forward that help by placing this information here with the hope that it helps others. (not a real humanitarian here, the main reason for posting this is that I have the information available to me.

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