Install MH

There’s decent information about putting Misterhouse onto an XP box from their site. I just had a couple notes to add. For my purposes, installing the full version of Perl made sense. There were a few perl modules that I had to install to get the job done, and I believe that you’d want the full version of perl to do this. I hope to have them all listed before long, but the DBI modules that allow easy access to mysql was imperative to my progress.

With that done, there is only one package to download from mh; the clearly marked “src” file. Download and unzip into the “mh” folder on the root directory (usually “c:\ ” by default in windows). I call the folder mh so that it’s easier to execute perl modules from there (not to mention easier to type!). The xp command line does not like more than 8 digits…. a throw back from the dos days. You can work around it, but easier just to name the folder something short from the get go. Speaking of command line, Microsoft has a new, high powered command line called Windows Power Shell that I discovered during this project. Some nice little features… if nothing else, it’s color coded.

That’s really all there is to install MH. If you navigate to the bin folder, there’s an executable mh file in there that will start the program. Two windows should appear. One looks like a command line window and the other is a small gui (graphical user interface) that has a couple sub windows to display options and what’s going on. I will show you how to turn this off, as it’s really not needed. You can access everything you need from either a regular browser (IE, Firefox or the like) or run things from the command line.

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