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Zipped Mr. Cellar Files Updated February 13, 2008

After spend the past couple of weeks attempting to get an instance of mc working on a Linux (Ubuntu) box, time has run out for the time being and it’s become important to get mc running, so I’ve switched back to setting up a winXP box to host mc. Once again, this blog will become a station for documenting the process and related, hopeful, progress. I’ll also jot a few notes down about what I learned working with Linux and the VR portion of mc.

Here’s a list of tasks (completed as of this writing) required for setup:

Update XP with special interest in having sp2 installed before snooping around the net much.

7 zip (recommended for unzipping jpgraph)

perl activestate

pm needed**:

db_file (for mh version 2.103)

gd-graph will also load gd


Xampp (can now use php5 with latest version of jpgraph)

note that latest version of xampp (dec. 2007) has a slight bug in it and requires this to be downloaded also:

run xampp_setup


jpgraph* (new version just released earlier this month works with php5)


create folder c:\misterhouse

create folder c:\misterhouse\mycode

open \mh\bin\mh.ini and save it as \mh\bin\mh.private.ini

edit mh.private.ini :

code_dir = $Pgm_Root/code/test, c:/misterhouse/mycode

voice_cmd = MSV4

cm11_port= com2


lat 37deg 58 min

lon 91 25

latitude = 37.9833
longitude = -91.4176

remove and from ./code/test AND

remove all items via web interface misterhouse home>setup mr house>Edit Items (must be same time as removing the above modules before restarting or it’ll crash)

ini editor>web>web_refresh (remove: meta http-equiv=”Refresh” content=”600;url=/misc/photos.shtml” /) [stops pictures]

dbi:mysql settings???

I also downloaded VNC Real to make working much more comfortable (from my laptop on the sofa!) Access Control set for +

Failed to remember that CYGWIN is required to run digitemp. Also need to add CYGWIN to the user define PATH in xp. will elborate as time allows…. in a bit of hurry right now..

Note to self (you didn’t think all this was here just for you!) Serial driver for dual serial pci card is in G:\serialDRivers\ITD\IT887x

**perl modules are installed via a program call ppm, which is started from a command prompt (start/run/cmd) BE SURE TO CHANGE VIEW TO ****ALL**** PACKAGES. (yelling at self at 5:00 am after spending hours trying to download and install

*unzipping these was a two step process: first one created a zip file from gz zip file

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