Yet Another Mr. Cellar Install

Each time I install/setup this system, I learn a little more. Biggest lesson learned: keep better notes! And thus this blog entry.

So, from the top, this install is on kT’s old laptop, a Dell Lattitude CPi with only 500 mGhz power and 128 MB ram. Running WinXp (sorry Linuxers, but I still need win on this system for a servo project in progress, but I am learning Linux) which is about obsolete for any other use around here, but seems to be suited for my Cellar control system. I did put a new 40 Gig drive in, which will not only help it last, but also provide plenty of area to collect data for years to come. One of the nicer features, beyond just being compact and low energy usage, is the battery system on it is fairly decent, and can house two batteries, providing almost 8 hours of backup time if/WHEN the power goes out.

I’m using an old pcmcia ethernet card to connect to the network, and a new usb>serial converter to connect the X10a CM11 controller for the actual fan switching. This leaves the built in serial port open for the temperature sensors (digitemp did not seem to like the usb adapter setup).

Pretty much the same list of software being used as before with special attention paid to versions (specifically the perl version had to be 5.8 to accommodate Misterhouse. The full version of MH has some perl with it, as well as the XAMPP system, but it seems like I had trouble setting this up previously, and found that it worked to download my own activestate. Maybe someday I’ll try this again and condense everything [next install!!!]) php 5 is being used (default in xampp), as jpgraph now has a stable version for this.

Perl Activestate 5.8
1-wire Drivers

I also used:

Real VNC (to access from other pc’s)
TweakUI (to bypass the XP login; surely there’s another way!?)
7zip (to unzip gztar)

And a few more preferential software installed on this flatbox:

HTML Kit (color coded and line numbers)
CCleaner To keep it clean. defrag once in awhile helps too.

The system will restart on reboot by placing three files in the startup folder of xp (start>all programs>startup [right-click and explore]):

1) xampp control
2) bat file that sets where mh.private.ini is located and starts mh
3) web browser with graph for refreshing values

These last two are included in the package of files used for the current system.

digitemp needs to be run to set a configuration file in the digi/win directory:
from command prompt (start>run>command)
c:\digi\win digitemp_ds9097u -s /dev/ttyS0 -i -u digitemp.conf
(it might be possible to just copy the conf file [included in files] but I’m not sure… always assumed it needed to be run for each system setup)

The following are directory names and hierarchy for file locations:

Cygwin: cygwin
Jpgraph: jp
Perl: perl

There are a few things that require changing for other’s system(s), namely passwords, which i’ve simply replaced in these archived files with typical Password, username. Obviously if you name your db’s or tables differently, do so appropriately in these files, and the websites and online directories would also need to be changed: needs password changed on line 27 and and need these lines customized: 7, 10, 18 needs these lines customized: 25, 28, 37 needs this lines customized: 7

MySQL database and table are both named “digi”. SQL structure is include with files.

The online display for this system is still in the same spot at:
Cellar Monitor

And a stash of all the software (some is just links to installers) is put here for safe keeping.

And a little plagiarism is due:

Below is copied from misterhouse install page

Download and install Perl version 5.8 (or higher) from . The 12 MB zip file installs into about 43 MB of disk space. The also have older versions available while will work, but 5.6 had a memory leak problem and 5.0 is, well, kind of old 🙂

After installing the core Perl package, you will likely want to install a few optional packages. mh will run without them, but they are easy to install and give it more function. Activestate has provided ppm (Perl Package Manager), a nifty way of automatically downloading and installing packages. Unfortunatly, some of the packages we need are not yet avaliable from ActiveState for perl version 5.8, but Randy Kobes has kindly made them available at his site. You can install them with the following:

> cd \perl\bin (modify to match your directory)
> ppm
ppm > repository add
ppm> install GD
ppm> install DB_File
ppm> install Tk-JPEG
ppm> install Win32-Setupsup
ppm> install DBI (if you want to interface to a database server)
ppm> install DBD-mysql (if you want to interface with a mysql server)
ppm> install Scalar-List-Utils (if you want AOL im)
ppm> exit

two more needed for my script:


Note: The above from the MH site states “5.8 (or higher)”, but I had troubles with 5.10 that seemed to go away when 5.8 was installed instead.

6 comments on “Yet Another Mr. Cellar Install”

  1. clyde

    in line 174 changed to:
    $sqd = “select * from digi WHERE dtKey BETWEEN $dailyLimit AND $lastEntry”;

  2. clyde

    left out

    notes for Mr. Beer…
    cycle more frequently
    total chart time 3.5 or 4 hours
    temp range 120 to 220 F

  3. clyde

    hmmm, xampp had php included… if only I’d read my own instructions!

  4. clyde

    perl modules installed with just this from the command line:
    ppm install DBD::mysql


  5. clyde

    xampp has a bug at this time with xp that can be bypassed in this way:
    -If you haven’t installed mysql as a service yet, do that by running c:\xampp\mysql\mysql_installservice.bat
    -Go to the Services Panel (amongst other ways, you can use Start->Run services.msc)
    -Find the mysql service, right-click and go to Properties
    -on the Log On tab, check the box next to “Allow service to interact with desktop”
    -start it up and test it

  6. clyde

    path for cygwin needs to be set:
    right click on My Computer,
    Properties>Advanced>Environment Variables
    New> Variable Name: PATH
    Variable Value: c:\cygwin\bin

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