High Definition Resolution

About ten years ago I made one of my first ever New Year’s resolutions that stuck for any amount of time.  I resolved to not make any more New Year’s Resolutions.  The mindset at the time was a strong belief that I was above the need to set a time and a defined resolution; that my will and discipline was strong enough to manage habits and desires on a daily basis.  At this point, that idea is pretty shot, and setting down some goals seems like a pretty good idea, especially at this time of year.

Last year, right towards the end of the year, the time being spent on mindless computer games was getting out of my control.  It all began when I was studying and writing websites, along with other types of pc work.  Many of these operations had some downtime, so it was easy to justify pulling up an electric card game to pass the time.   Seems innocent enough, right!?  Over time my addictive

personality got the better of me and suddenly the games were taking over my life!   Well, not quite that bad, but it did feel like some type of major change was needed.  So I set myself a limit and decided that once I was able to win a full blown game of Spider Solitaire that I’d quit for good.   And good it has been.






This image shows a screenshot of my last game of Spider Solitaire.  Numbers tend to mean a lot to me, and I also believe strongly in all things happen for a reason.  Just the act of believing this can and will make it true.  Give that a moment of thought!  Being that the date this particular win occurred was the last day of 2011 made it all the more easy to pay attention and take my own promise to heart.   Now, one year and one day later, I still have yet to open the game again, and it’s a pretty good feeling of will power and accomplishment.

But that was simply stopping something;  a bad habit.  Though I do have a few other bad habits to address, this year I’m bent on actually creating some good habits.  After mulling it over like a fragrant wine, the most impactive good habit I could form would be writing creatively;  and I mean consistently!.  This blog has been online for quite some time.  Much longer than most people were even aware of the term.  Not all of it is present because of the different forms it’s taken and, quite honestly, a few mistakes over time that wiped out the data!  But for the most part, I had been using this space as a collecting ground for many of my tech projects.  Occasionally, there was someone who I wanted to share something with, and sending a link to somewhere on the web was quite handy.  Well, I won’t say that there won’t be some tech stuff showing up here, but the plan is to put much more thoughts and stories here;  both of which I have plenty of.  And both of which, I intend to have more of.   Daily would be nice, but that just does not seem very realistic for me, and if there’s one thing I do know about setting goals; they need to have some base in reality.  A minimum of weekly sounds doable, and a strife to do as often as feasible seems like a comfortable desire.

So, come along if you will, into a new year, a new era, a new ba’k’tun!

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