Powerless, but Free

It amazes me how rare our power goes out at our place. Knowing the logistics of what it takes to provide electricity from such a distance, to so many different households and businesses, the task seems nearly impossible. Yet we rarely see any break in power, and even when it does, it never lasts for very long. This morning we were out of power for about 45 minutes, then a couple more blinks after it came on. It was just enough to make us stop and think about the simple things of our time that otherwise may go on being taken for granted.

One of the first things we tend to notice in this rural setting is that the water supply is cut off. And one of the first thoughts is: NO TOILET! Years ago I setup some of the older wine barrels in the cellar to hold what I refer to is toilet water, which always brought to my mind the term from Europe for what we call perfume. It alwasy gets a chuckle when I’m giving tours in the cellar, but it wasn’t until one day when someone pointed out that they had in mind that it was ‘post’ toilet water that they had in mind, which would be more funny than thinking it was some kind of lavender water! Anyway, we are lucky enough to have at least two operating toilets here, so we each have one shot at a use. Without getting too graphic, that’s usually all I need in one day. Any other ‘chores’ can be executed out of doors. If it goes on any further, I can always go tap some of the barrels downstairs!!

My morning routine has me online checking how the world is doing, and specifically, how all my friends are doing. After reading the news and sorting thru various facebook posts, I have now started jotting down a few notes; placing my thoughts onto electronic paper in hopes that they get a little better sorted out. I also have latent dreams of one day putting together a book, and the only way to do that, like many other disciplines, is to simply practice. A writer writes. Or these days, they’re more likely to type! Even if there’s no typewriter in sight.

So the point, (I did start out with a point), was that my morning routine was broken by the loss of electricity. I very well could have skipped on to writing something for this blog, but instead chose to sit and enjoy the lack of power for a bit. I’ve lately picked up the guitar again (the reason for the gap will come out in an upcoming post), so it was nice to have only the low rumble of the wood stove as background to a few moments of gentle picking in between reflections on just what we’d do without constant power available. One early thought was “SLEDDING”, which we’ve talked about ever since the ground was covered with snow a few days ago. It came down as very wet, stuff that was melting almost as fast as it fell. But this morning’s temperature was 9 F and the covering is much more solid; much more conducive to the flexible flyer style of sleds that we have.

So now that I’ve practiced my writing, and bent your eyes, and the power has returned, I’m gonna grab kT, bundle up good and warm, and go see if gravity can still provide a bit of a thrill or two.

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