Not One to Shy Away

It would seem that I thrive on challenges. Taking on Project Peaceful Bend has indeed been the largest challenge of my life. Probably the highlight of the challenge is the time frame. Fifteen years at one project has been quite an endeavor, and it has a been an daily effort, if that’s not overly obvious: The ultimate marathon. Each day has presented it’s own set of challenges, most of which I charge head on. Many of the aspects seem insurmountable, and it’s difficult to fathom that they we have been able to actually keep maintain an operating business. What we have is barely more than a household. It just so happens that this ‘house’ produces’ a significant amount of wine! What we purchased was a dilapidated business that had been run into the ground. Many parts of the infrastructure were in disrepair, and our funds available were no where near what was needed for repair and maintenance. On the production end, there were some of the major tools in place: tanks, destemmer, press. The main item missing, as I recall, was a wine pump. I quite literally used a drill pump to process the first batches of wine. The filter was a just a standard style of household water filter, with specific porosity grades purchased that are typically required to clarify and stabilize wine. It was a couple years later that I was to discover that the filter was doing virtually nothing. By that time, I was producing upwards of 8,000 gallons annually. It’s just crazy when I think back on it.

Back to the infrastructure: the building was about 30 years old at the time. The main issue here was the roof, which began leaking shortly after we moved in. Just little spots at first, both in the apartment in the back where we resided, and in the salesroom. This was no task to put aside, yet I did. By 2002, I took on the apartment roof. This was the first roof I’d ever attempted to replace. Fairly straight forward, though two flights up (the front portion is three levels).

I’ll have to continue this bit a bit later.  Need to get onto some real work now.

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